Bachelor of Business Science in Investment Science (BBSC-I)

Programme Name

Bachelor of Business Science in Investment Science (BBSC-I)


4 years


The Bachelor of Business Science in Investment Science is a four-year professional (undergraduate) degree. This programme places a high emphasis on Finance, Mathematics and Statistical studies in the curriculum to an advanced level, underpinning the science of investment. The final year of the programme is an honours year and includes a Finance research project.

The graduate attributes gained from this programme afford entry into a competitive labour market, professional training, post-graduate studies or further studies towards the Certified Financial Analyst or Actuarial Science qualifications.

Entry Requirements

  • NSC-Deg with APS 33
  • Mathematics Level 6
  • English and Life Orientation Level 4


Semester 1
  • ACCT101 Accounting 101
  • ECON101 Principles of Microeconomics
  • MATH130 Introduction to Calculus
  • STAT130 Introduction to Statistics
  • ISTN101 Information Systems and Technology 1A
Semester 2
  • ACCT102 Accounting 102 or ACCT103 Accounting 103
  • ECON102 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • MATH140 Calculus and Linear Algebra
  • STAT140 Statistical Methods
  • FINA103 Integrated Business Studies
Semester 1
  • FINA201 Finance 201
  • ECON201 Intermediate Macroeconomics & Applications
  • MATH212 Advanced Calculus and Linear Algebra
  • STAT230 Probability Distributions
  • ZULN101 or ISTN103
Semester 2
  • FINA202 Finance 202
  • ECON202 Intermediate Microeconomics & Applications MATH251 Further Calculus and Introductory Analysis STAT240 Statistical Inference


Semester 1
  • FINA311 Capital Market Theory
  • FINA312 Financial Risk Management
  • ECON315 Mathematics for Economists
  • STAT301 Linear models
  • STAT395 Applied Probability models
Semester 2
  • FINA321 Corporate Financial Management
  • STAT305 Biostatistics Methods
  • STAT350 Random processes
Semester 1
  • FINA700 Finance Research Project
  • FINA7CR Corporate Finance
  • FINA7QM Quantitative Methods in Finance
  • Statistics honours module elective
Semester 2
  • FINA700 Finance Research Project
  • FINA7IB International Business Finance
  • FINA7PM Portfolio Management
  • Statistics honours module elective

Career Opportunities

  • Finance and Financial Management services
  • Investment and securities analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • Insurance industry
  • Banking sector (Investment, Commercial, Retail and Private Wealth banking)
  • Public Finance
  • Credit Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Academia