Sports Scholarship for Martial Arts and Cricket Star


For BCom honours student, Mr Tashen Sarju, being awarded a UKZN Prestige Sports Scholarship means that he can further his studies and pursue his interest in karate, judo and cricket with fewer financial challenges.

‘Studying has always involved financial difficulties and receiving this scholarship will allow me to complete my honours in economics. I lost my dad in 2017 and it was hard to study but I had to ensure that I stayed on track and worked hard to obtain my degree,’ said Sarju.

The avid sportsman cites his best achievements as being awarded senior provincial colours for karate and judo, representing the province in the KwaZulu-Natal Inland senior provincial academy in cricket and representing UKZN in all three sports codes.

‘I got involved in karate and judo as my dad was involved in both of these martial arts. The highlight of my sporting career has been participating at the recent judo nationals in Vanderbiljpark. The KZN team that I was a part of was placed fourth in the tournament which had close to 20 teams. Balancing sport and studies is extremely challenging but these are things that I really enjoy doing so I always make time,’ said Sarju.

When he not playing sports, Sarju tutors third-year econometrics and explores his interest in how the economy works.

‘I’ve always wanted to work in the field of commerce and I hope to one day complete my PhD in economics. I also want to become a Protea and join the working world next year,’ he said.

Words: Thandiwe Jumo
Photograph: Supplied