School of Accounting, Economics and Finance Academics Graduate with PhDs


Academics in the School of Accounting, Economics and Finance, Drs Mishelle Doorasamy, Peter Moores-Pitt, Bomi Nomlala and Charmaine Lathleiff graduated with their PhDs.

Doorasamy’s study was titled: Adoption of Material Flow Cost Accounting Practices for Improving Resource Efficiencies in the South African Sugar Industry. The study was supervised by Dr Bruce Rhodes.

‘South Africa’s sugar industry is a huge contributor to the county’s economy and a catalyst for economic development and employment creation in rural areas. However, the sector has experienced inefficiency and declining productivity. The study’s findings were used to model the Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) process to minimise costs for optimal performance,’ explained Doorasamy.

While her PhD journey was challenging, Doorasamy is excited about the potential impact of her research.

‘Accounting education has the reputation of having a narrow focus and being mechanical. My achievement is not in the title but rather the impact my research has. This makes all the hard work and sacrifice worthwhile. My quest is to break barriers and promote an enthusiastic and innovative approach to the field of accounting,’ said Doorasamy.

Recipient of a National Research Foundation innovation scholarship, Moores-Pitt is of the view that research on financial management would make a tangible difference to the country in the long-run.

‘Financial literacy in South Africa is low and our country is relatively poor. The economy has been exceptionally turbulent, but has so much potential,’ he said.

His study was titled: An Econometric Analysis of the Equity Returns-Inflation Relationship in South Africa. Supervised by Professor M Murray and Dr Kerry-Ann McCullough, it aimed to determine if equities act as an inflationary hedge in South Africa.

‘South African inflation rates have shown exceptional historical volatility, generally sitting at levels far higher than developed countries. The study’s finding that the response of equity returns to inflation was nonlinear was deemed by the examiners to be “cutting-edge”. I hope that, once the research is published, it will stimulate further quantitative analysis that accounts for asymmetric adjustment, and lead the way in improving financial management research in South Africa,’ said Moores-Pitt.

Financial Capability, Financial Socialisation and Professional skills of Accounting Students Studying in KwaZulu-Natal Universities was the title of Nomlala’s study that was supervised by Professor Mabutho Sibanda.

Imagining an Authentic Workplace using Simulation: Exploring Simulation Pedagogy in Auditing Education was the title of Lathleiff’s study that was supervised by Professor Suriamurthee Maistry.

Words: Thandi Jumo
Photograph: Abhi Indrarajan