Title author Working Paper no
Higher Education Enrolment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Determinants and Policy Implications Josue Mbonigaba SAEF Working Paper No. SAEF20191
The Ontological Foundations of ModernEconomics and Islam: How Do They Compare?Abdulkader Cassim Mahomedy
SAEF Working Paper No. 2016/01/13
When Economics Neglected Epistemics:How Islamic Economics was ImplicatedAbdulkader Cassim MahomedySAEF Working Paper No. 2016/01/14
Oil Price Shocks and Economic Activity: TheAsymmetric Cointegration Approach in South AfricaNtokozo Nzimande
Simiso Msomi
SAEF Working Paper No. 2016/01/05/MWG01
Equities as a Hedge Against Inflation in South AfricaPeter Moores-Pitt and Barry StrydomSAEF Working Paper No. 2017/02/01
Effects of lecture attendance, aptitude, individualheterogeneity, and pedagogic intervention onstudent performance: a probability model approachPhocenah Nyatanga and Sophia Mukorera
SAEF Working Paper No. 2017/02/02
Making Bricks from Straw:Promoting Undergraduate Research with DiminishingResourcesBarry Strydom and Kerry McCullough
SAEF Working Paper No. 2017/02/04
Energy Prices and Real Exchange Rates: A SouthAfrican PerspectiveMalibongwe Cyprian Nyathi
SAEF Working Paper No. 2017/02/03/MWG04
Recounting the role of emotions in learning economics:Using the Threshold Concepts Framework to exploreaffective dimensions of students’ learningJessica Goebel and Suriamurthee MaistrySAEF Working Paper No. 2017/02/05
Banking Instability and Deposit Insurance:The Role of Moral Hazard Harold Ngalawa
Fulbert Tchanatchana
Nicola Viegi
SAEF Working Paper No. 2016/01/09/MWG02
The Disintegrating Force of Rationalism on Economics: What it means for Islamic Economics Abdulkader Cassim MahomedySAEF Working Paper No. 2016/01/04
An Economic Assessment of Bioethanol Production from Sugar Cane: The Case of South Africa Marcel Kohler
SAEF Working Paper No. 2016/01/08
Demand-side determinants of access to healthcareservices: Empirical evidence from AfricaJosue Mbonigaba
Serge Kabongo
SAEF Working Paper No. 2016/01/10
Stock Return Predictability in South Africa:An Alternative ApproachAilie Charteris and Barry Strydom
SAEF Working Paper No. 2016/01/07
Occidental Rationalism: Its Early Impact on the Foundations of Modern Science Abdulkader Cassim MahomedySAEF Working Paper No. 2016/01/03
Does Simultaneity between Cash Holding and Dividend Policies hold in Zimbabwe’s Multiple Currency SystemShepard Munyari
Farai Kwenda
SAEF Working Paper No. 2016/01/02
Practices: A Principal Component ApproachSophia Mukorera
Phocenah Nyatanga
SAEF Working Paper No. 2016/01/11
Epistemology and Science: How theRelationship FracturedAbdulkader Cassim Mahomedy
SAEF Working Paper No. 2016/01/06
Confronting South Africa’s Water Challenge:A Decomposition Analysis of Water IntensityMarcel Kohler
SAEF Working Paper No. 2016/01/01
Is there a SADC Business Cycle: Evidence from aDynamic Factor ModelNtokozo Nzimande
Harold Ngalawa
SAEF Working Paper No. 2016/01/12/MWG03
Sources of Dualism in Modern Rationalist Thought:Implications for Islamic Economics
Abdulkader Cassim Mahomedy
SAEF Working Paper No. 2016/01/15