School of Accounting, Economics and Finance

Bachelor of Business Science

The Bachelor of Business Science is a four-year professional (undergraduate) degree which is designed to address the national shortage of suitably qualified people in the sphere of Finance and Financial Management services, financial planning, international finance, investments and securities, public finance and credit management.  The programme is designed to provide students with a well-rounded, broad knowledge base, underpinned by the theories, methodologies and principles essential to the effective management and sustainability of organisations (both private and public), focussing primarily on the disciplines of finance, economics, accounting, investments, mathematics and statistics.

The purpose of the programme is to broaden the student’s financial and technical knowledge and to develop a detailed understanding of the theory, with a view to developing skills necessary to enable critical thinking, and to demonstrate initiative in developing strategies to compete in a global market and networked economy. The graduate attributes gained from this qualification will equip the student with the basis of entry into a competitive labour market, professional training (pervasive and analytical skills), postgraduate studies or professional practice as a Chartered Financial Analyst, or Certified Financial Planner.


NSC Degree with Maths level 6 and English and Life Orientation level 4. Minimum 33 NSC points

Closing date for 2022 applications

30 September 2021