School of Accounting, Economics and Finance

This programme provides students with high-order skills developed through critical thinking and research in Accountancy as well as skills acquired through participating in coursework modules. The programme aims to produce a cadre of effective and skilled researchers in Accountancy. South Africa seeks to become a knowledge-driven economy. So this programme’s purpose is to contribute in generating and/or broadening the knowledge base in the area of accountancy in order influence discipline-related standards, policies and practices. It entails developing questions of interest to policy makers/practitioners and business managers and, based on empirical evidence, formulate the answers to these questions. The research process under the programme culminate in the final mini-report in the form of a dissertation in the traditional book format or by publication. Under this programme, students will have to complete compulsory coursework modules (Presentation of Financial Statements, Research Methodology, Reporting Financial Performance, and Reporting Financial Position) and an approved research dissertation in financial accounting. The degree will equip the candidate with the knowledge and the skills necessary for employment in the academic, accounting and financial management fields and services.

The minimum duration of the programme is 2 semesters and the maximum duration is 4 semesters
  • To have honours level in accounting or Postgraduate Diploma in Accountings (NQF8) or an equivalent qualification; and
  • To have achieved a minimum aggregate mark of 55% at Honours level, or at a Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting or an equivalent qualification (NQF8

Graduates from this programme eligible to work as:

  • Accounting lecturer and/or researcher
  • Consultants in accountancy, finance or insurance
  • Data or financial risk analyst
  • International staff in multilateral organisation dealing with financial issues (International Monetary Fund, World Bank, United Nations Development programme, African development Bank)
  • Economic analyst in local and international political organisations (United Nations, SADC, COMESA, ANC, DA etc)
  • Market research analyst
  • Investment, credit and policy analyst
  • Public servant ( Ministry of Finance, Reserve Bank, Ministry of Planning )
  • Others (list not exhaustive)
  • ACCT8FS Presentation of Financial Statements (16 credit points
  • ACCT8RM Research Methodology (16 credit points)
  • ACCT8FP Reporting Financial Performance (32 credit points)
  • ACCT8RP Reporting Financial Position (32 credit points)
  • ACCT8FD Masters Research Dissertation (96 credit points)