Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Finance


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The Finance Honours programme provides students with the appropriate theoretical knowledge and quantitative skills in the fields of Corporate Finance, Portfolio Management and Risk Management, International Business Finance and other related fields. At the end of the programme, students are expected to have developed both analytical and research skills to solve problems related to finance, and the ability to work independently. These will enable them to follow a successful career primarily in the financial services industry and other private or public institutions where financial and investment management skills are required.

1 Year

Applicant must have a first degree with a major in Finance and pass all four required third-year modules:

  • FINA311
  • FINA312
  • FINA321
  • ECON314

Applicants from other universities should have a degree with a major in Finance with equivalent modules.

NB: Meeting the above requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the Finance Honours programme, as places may be limited.

The career prospect for Finance Honours graduates is mostly in financial services industry, where graduates work as

  • Investment bankers
  • Asset managers
  • Investment analysts
  • Financial risk managers
  • Credit analysts
  • Business analysts
  • Budget analysts
  • Financial advisors.

Graduates can also enrol for a Master’s degree in Finance or register for professional qualifications such as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Financial Risk Managers (FRM).

Semester 1

  • Quantitative Methods in Finance (FINA7QF)
  • Corporate Finance (FINA7CR)
  • Intermediate Econometrics (ECON7IE)
  • Research Project in Finance (FINA700)- a full year module

 Semester 2

  • International Business Finance (FINA7IB)
  • Portfolio Management (FINA7PM
  • Special Topics in Finance (FIN7ST) or Any other approved Honours level elective
  • Research Project in Finance (FINA700)- a full year module