Associate Professor, Academic Leader Higher Degrees and Research
Telephone: 031 260 2503
Campus: Westville
Building & Room: J-Block 3th Floor, Room 324


Josue has a versatile background. He worked in academia, business, and international development and NGO sectors. In academia, Josue has taught Economics, statistics, management sciences and operations research. His research interests have broadly been in Development Economics and Economic Evaluation of Health Care Policies. His research tools include questionnaires, focus group discussion, econometrics, and simulations. Josue has been involved in consultancy work in the areas micro-costing and in Economic Evaluation of health care programmes.

His work has been published in South African and international academic journals. Josue is proficient in using popular software in Economics (SPSS, Stata, and eViews) and in Economic Evaluation of Health Care programmes(Tree-age Pro). Josue has extensive experience in managing academic programme (undergraduate programmes, postgraduate programmes) and research projects funded externally. Josue’s personal attributes include being strategic, paying attention to details, being results-orientated, meeting deadlines, solving problems, displaying excellent interpersonal skills. He has lived and worked in a multicultural environment with the ability to speak English, French and many other African languages.

Academic Qualifications:

  • BcomHons(NU.Rwanda)
  • Mcom(Natal)
  • PhD (UKZN)

Professional Qualification

  • BcomHons(NU.Rwanda)
  • Mcom(Natal)
  • PhD (UKZN)

Research Interests

  • Health Economics
  • Environmental Economics
  • Education Economics
  • Health Care Policy analysis

Recent Publications and Papers

  • Zegeye EA Mbonigaba, J Kaye S and Benjamin J (2019). Assessing the cost of providing a prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS service in Ethiopia: urban-rural health facilities setting. BMC Health Services Research 19(148): 1-13
  • Muchabaiwa L and Mbonigaba J (2019). Impact of the adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health strategy on service utilisation and health outcomes in Zimbabwe. PLOS ONE |
  • Wlfred A G and Mbonigaba J (2019). Human Capital in the Sub Saharan African Countries: Productivity and the Policy Implications. AUDOE: 15(1)163-
  • Akinola W G and Mbonigaba I (2019). Productivity effects of human capital: an empirical investigation of health and higher education in South Africa. Journal of Economics and Business 37(1): 277-301. ISSN1331-8004
  • Zegeye, E A, Mbonigaba J and Kaye S (2018). HIV-positive pregnant women attending the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS (PMTCT) services in Ethiopia: Economic productivity losses across urban-rural settings. Psychology, Health & Medicine. 23:5, 525-531, DOI: 10.1080/13548506.2017.1360469