Postgraduate Diploma in Finance, Banking and Investment Management


The School of Accounting, Economics and Finance at the University of KwaZulu-Natal offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Finance, Banking and Investment Management that has been designed to provide students from commerce and non-commerce backgrounds with the necessary theoretical knowledge to follow a career in Finance or Banking For students holding any degree who have a basic numerate ability, this diploma will enable them to gain a focused, financial grounding which will complement their under-graduate degree. The knowledge of finance and banking gained will create new career opportunities in both the public and private sectors.


The programme can be completed in one year or two years of part-time study depending on a number of modules registered in a semester.

Entrance Requirements

To be considered for the programme, the applicant should have a recognized undergraduate degree (NQF Level 7) or a three-year tertiary qualification from a recognised institution. Students with NQF Level 6 qualification and a mi nimum of tw o year relevant work experience can also apply using the University rule of the recognition of prior learning.


Semester 1
  • Financial Management A: This module aims tointroduce students to the basics of financial decision making and financial management for both individuals and corporations
  • Investments: This module introduces forms of investment within the South African economy, including the most significant financial instruments. It aims to give an understanding of how financial markets facilitate investment, and the principles which govern these markets.
  • Bank management: This module introduces the fundamental principles of banking, the function of banks within the economyand internal aspects of bank management within the changing financial environment.
  • Business Statistics: This module acquaints learners with statistics and econometrics techniques widely used in business.
Semester 2
  • Financial Management B: This module develops students’ knowledge of financial management with regards to the efficient acquisition and management of the firm’s resources. It also provides an understanding of the international business environment.
  • Risk & Portfolio Management: This module provides an understanding of a range of risk factors relevant to modern corporations and aims to provide a theoretical understanding of each risk, appropriate techniques for measuring such risks, and an appreciation of the various strategies available for managing such risks
  • Introduction to Financial Technology: This module aims to introduce students to the basic principles of Financial Technology, and to explore the way in which it has changed the financial services sector.
  • Business Management & Strategy: This module focuses on crafting, executing and aligning strategies in business management for the banking and investment sector.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities include corporate and investment banking, stock broking, asset management, currency and commodity broking, derivatives trading and corporate finance. “FBIM Programme at UKZN has been a vital element of my academic and personal development. Studying on this programme has shaped my ability to think laterally and brought me a step closer to becoming a well-rounded fnance professional. I commend the staff of the programme for their impeccable selection of core modules in fi nance,banking & investment management. It is without doubt astepping stone to a life-long learning the ever exciting field of finance”. – Damilola M Aboluwodi BSc(Admin), FBIM Graduate & MCom(Finance) UKZN.“I would like to say thank you for how much you actually managed to teach us during that one year, I think you only realise how great a diploma it was, or is, when you start working. I will not deny that the course has provided myself, together with the rest of the group that fought it out last year, with an awesome grounding in the financial industry, which I have learnt is extremely tough.” – Bruce Campbell B.Soc.Sci & FBIM Graduate, M3 Capital