Doctors of Philosophy (PhD) in Accounting, Economics and Finance


This programme aims to graduate independent researchers in the disciplines of Accounting, Economics and Finance; able to generate new and original knowledge at the highest level by conducting original research that addresses complex context-based issues, under the guidance of the research supervisor. A key aspect of the doctorate is that the research undertaken during the degree, in the form of a thesis or as published journal articles, must be independently produced, demonstrate critical thinking and assessment; and must contain an original contribution to new knowledge in the field. The research project will culminate in a production of a research report in the form of a thesis in the traditional format or by publication. The programme aims to provide graduates with specialized knowledge and competence in Accounting, Economics and Finance. Graduates will be able to contribute to the field and national priorities for growth and development within the relevant commercial, industrial and state-related sectors associated with the disciplines of Accounting, Economics and Finance. Alternatively, they will be prepared to take up positions as lecturers, scholars and research leaders in their disciplines. The Doctor of Philosophy is regarded as a terminal degree


The minimum duration of the programme is 4 semesters full time (6 semesters on part time) and the maximum duration is 8 semesters full time (10 semesters on part time)

Entrance Requirements

  • To have a Masters level in Accountings, Economics and Finance or an equivalent qualification (NQF9)
  • To have achieved a minimum aggregate mark of 60% at a Masters level, or at an equivalent qualification (NQF9)

Career Opportunities

Graduates from this programme are eligible to work as:
  • Consultants in accountancy, economics, Finance and insurance
  • Financial risk analysts
  • Data analysts
  • Researchers
  • International staff in multilateral organisations dealing with Accounting, Economics and Finance issues ( international Monetary Fund, World Bank, United Nations Development programme, African development Bank etc.)
  • Economic analysis in local and international political organisations (united nations, SADC, COMESA, ANC, DA etc
  • Market research analysists
  • Accounting, Economics and Finance lecturers
  • Credit analysist
  • Policy analysis
  • Investment analysis
  • Public servant ( Ministry of finance, Reserve Banks, Ministry of planning )
  • Others (list not exhaustive)