Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Management Accounting


Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Management Accounting aims to develop in graduates the skills and competencies that are expected of a practicing professional Management Accountant. These include the development, analysis and implementation of business strategy, including risk and control strategy, the preparation of company financial statements, advising clients on the tax implications of their businesses, and preparing monthly management accounts for decision-making purposes. In doing so they are expected to demonstrate proficiency in relevant technologies. In addition, the programme aims to develop graduates capable of carrying out assignments in accordance with the ethical values of the profession, and that display wide-ranging professional and personnel skills. These include leadership, change management, problem-solving, decision making, communication and management skills.


The programme is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and has been designed to align with their requirements. Specifically, it is designed to cover the competencies identified in the Institute’s Management and Strategic l


1 year

Entrance Requirements

The entrance requirement for the programme is a completed Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting or equivalent with majors in Financial Accounting and Management Accounting.


Business strategy: Develops students’ ability to understand, apply and integrate Business Strategy principles, concepts and techniques.
Performance and Decision Management: Develops students’ ability to understand, apply and integrate advanced cost management, decision making and performance evaluation principles, concepts and techniques.
Applied Business Management: Develops students’ ability to understand, apply and integrate strategies for managing the human aspects, relationships and change in organisations.
Financial Strategy A and Financial Strategy B: Develops students’ ability to understand, apply and integrate advanced financial reporting and financial management principles, concepts and techniques.
Risk and Control Strategy: Develops students’ ability to understand, apply and integrate strategic enterprise risk management principles, concepts and techniques. Research Project: Develops students’ ability to apply acceptable research methodologies and report-writing skills under supervision, and to lay the foundation for future research (e.g. Master’s degree).

Programme Duration and Student Support

The program is offered over one year on a full-time block release basis. As such students can expect to attend lectures on three full days per month during each semester (the lecture block). Between lecture blocks academic staff teaching on the program provide regular assignments and feedback via the University’s online learning management system to guide students through the study material, and are available to engage with students to further facilitate learning.

Estimated Fees

The total estimated fees for 2021 are R38 797.