Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Accounting


This innovative programme is accredited with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) UK programme, aiming to develop the highest standards of practicing professional Accountants. The programme is designed to provide a unique strategic opportunity for accountancy candidates to obtain knowledge and expertise on global trends in Accounting, Finance, Business Leadership, Taxation, etc., by adopting learner-centered pedagogical practices. Throughout the course, candidates are equipped with the excellent command required to pursue the professional qualification effectively, consequently inculcating candidates with aptitudes to play diverse financial roles at senior or advisory levels in any organisation.


The programme is fully accredited by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), a leading international accountancy body. It is designed to provide a competitive edge to the students to solve global business challenges. The curriculum fram


1 year

Entrance Requirements

A completed (SAICA accredited) Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting or equivalent degree.


Advanced Accounting: Develops candidates’ ability to understand, integrate and apply advanced financial accounting principles, concepts, and techniques. Advanced Financial Management: Develops candidates’ advanced knowledge and skills in financial management and the treasury function.
Advanced Taxation: Develops the candidates’ ability to understand, apply and integrate both South African and International taxation principles, concepts, and techniques.
Advanced Performance Management: Develops candidates’ advanced knowledge and skills in performance measurement and evaluation.
Research Project: Develops candidates’ ability to apply acceptable research methodologies and report-writing skills under supervision and to lay the foundation for future research (e.g. Masters degree).

Programme Duration and Student Support

The programme is offered over one year on a full-time block release basis. As such, students can expect to attend lectures on three full days per month during each semester (the lecture block). Between lecture blocks, academic staff teaching on the programme provide regular assignments and feedback via the University’s online learning management system to guide students through the study material and are available to engage with students to further facilitate learning.

Estimated Fees

The total estimated fees for 2022 are R38 056.