Mr Ntokozo Nzimande

Ntokozo Nzimande: AADP Lecturer and PhD Student
Ntokozo Nzimande: AADP Lecturer and PhD Student
Ntokozo Nzimande: AADP Lecturer and PhD Student Designation Senior Lecturer
Telephone +27 33 260 3223
Campus Pietermaritzburg
Building & Room New Arts Building 332
Mr Ntokozo Nzimande

Ntokozo completed his Master of Commerce degree by Coursework at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban and he is currently working on his PhD in Regional (SADC) integration (Monetary Union) at UKZN, under supervision of Dr. Harold Ngalawa. Ntokozo, is currently teaching undergraduate economics at UKZN. While interested in monetary economics theory and practice, I enjoy the breadth of economics realm and its overlaps disciplines, such as Economic History of thoughts, Political economy of State Welfare. He is currently a member of MWG UKZN, and has delivered number of papers and some of those are under review by various journals.


Bcom Economics, Hons (UKZN); MCom (UKZN)


  • Monetary Economics,
  •  Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE)

Undergraduate Economics and Foundation Economics



  • Nzimande, N. and Msomi, S., 2016. Oil price shocks and economic activity: the asymmetric cointegration approach in South Africa.Journal of Economic and Financial Sciences, 9(3), pp.685-695.
  • Kutu A.A., Akinola G.W., and Nzimande N.P. (2016). Monetary Policy and Output Growth Forecasting in a SVAR perspective. International Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol. 8(7).
  • Nzimande, N.P. and Kohler, M., 2016. On the Validity of Purchasing Power Parity: Evidence from Energy Exporting Sub-Saharan Africa Countries. SPOUDAI-Journal of Economics and Business, 66(3), pp.71-82.
  • Nzimande, N. P., & Ngalawa, H. (2017). The endogeneity of business cycle synchronization in SADC: A GMM approach. Cogent Economics & Finance, 5(1), 1358914., N.P., & Ngalawa, H. (2017). Business Cycle Synchronisation in SADC: Evidence from Dynamic Factor Modelling. Interdisciplinary Journal of Economics and Business Law, 6(4), pp 8-37.


  • Business Cycle Synchronisation in the SADC Area: Evidence from Dynamic Factor Modelling. Mbali Conference, University of Zululand
  • Measuring the Degree of Business Cycle Synchronisation in SADC: Evidence from Dynamic Factor Modelling. 21st Eurasian Business and Economic Society Conference, Budapest, Hungary (January, 2017).
Membership of Professional & Other Organisations: 
Eurasian Business and Economics Society (EBES)

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