Future Looks Bright for BCom Accounting Cum Laude Graduates


Mr Kerwin Marais (left) and Ms Yadika Dhaniram graduated cum laude for their Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) degree.

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) cum laude graduates Ms Yadika Dhaniram and Mr Kerwin Marais are excited about being chartered accountants.

For Dhaniram her career path has always been clear and this qualification is her first step.

‘This qualification enabled me to pursue my Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting this year in order to fulfil my goal of becoming a chartered accountant. The experience has been life-changing,’ said Dhaniram.

‘I have learnt so much not only academically but it has also changed my thought process and my leadership abilities.  The qualification is worthwhile because the emphasis is placed on accountants and auditors being ethical, transparent and accountable, not only in commerce and industry but in other sectors as well,’ she added.

Marais is on the same wave length! ‘I have dreamed of becoming a chartered accountant since the age of 13. It was like a fire burning within me.  Ever since then all my goals and strategies revolved around becoming a chartered accountant. There are many businesses all over the world, which means that financial affairs need to be governed properly in order for the company to survive. This means that there will always be a demand for quality people in my field,’ said Marais.

Words: Thandiwe Jumo