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Mr Thandolwetu Xongo

President UKZN Finance Society

Welcome message from the president

Greetings Valued Stakeholder

Allow me to take this opportunity to welcome you on behalf of the entire UKZN Finance Society Executive Committee, and its constituency. In a world of unprecedented socioeconomic changes, we strive to position ourselves in a space where we are able to be groomed in order to be able to take up the baton into the future by offering constructive contributions in the sphere of our country’s economy, and the broader dialogue in nation building.

Now more than ever,  the point of view of young people is forever important and much needed. Ours, as FinSoc is to bring together the sharpest minds and discuss possible solutions to the problems we encounter on a daily basis as students, graduates, and future leaders of  society and government. At the center of our work is the core principle of being able to be part of critical conversations. Young people must be heard, and their influence felt as they mould their own future. On this regard, we are also guided by the principle of “Umhrabulo” – which is to raise consciousness. In its literal African meaning, it has to do with the act of sharing a sip of traditional beer. On another note, the word speaks on the art of robust discussions or debate, thus an act of imparting knowledge through engagements.

Feel free to engage our socials and all the available material that we have, get to know us, we would love to get to know you better too as we journey together. Keep safe. We look forward to interacting with you soon!

Inspiring Greatness.

Thandolwethu Xongo



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