Tholwami Mlambo


About Me

I am Tholwami Mlambo. I am an all-rounder lady.Being able to work well both in a team environment as well as using my own initiative, is the quality I have and value very highly. My initial plan in being in the society was to obtain different challenging portfolios, if not one, so I can start very young to sharpen myself. My mind is my greatest weapon, that is where I grow strength. I am responsible, reliable yet humble. I am loyal, respectful yet ambitious. I’m very emotionally intelligent in the workplace. I celebrate every little achievement of mine because I’m aware it’s a stepping stone to something greater, I keep my eyes on the prize. I love my family so much, the sacrifices that my parents have made for all my siblings is out of this world, by the way, I’m from a large family. I wanted to be the son my parents never had, that is why I cannot wait for them to eat the fruits of their labor. I am a rare gem, but most importantly, I am God’s Black Pearl. Interesting facts about me: I don’t understand sarcasm, my smile is my language that 90% of people don’t understand. You might think I’m sold, only to find that I wasn’t even planning on buying, so I smile. I’m a keeper, I love art- poems, songs, paintings, me


  • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Accounting and Finance


  • UKZN Finance Society Vice President
  • UKZN Finance Society CSR Co-Executive
  • Department of Education Examinations Assistant
  • Warren Buffet’s “Start now. Start at a very young age”
  • High School’s longest reigning top commercial achiever