Salik Anisa Ali


About Me

Salik Ali was born and bred in Pietermaritzburg, and she recently finished her Bachelor of Business Science degree with majors in Finance and Economics. She is a hardworking individual and has worked diligently through her schooling career. Although she has two majors, she is very passionate about the field of finance and has even joined the UKZN Finance Society to help others become aware of the finance field and the opportunities that are in it. She grew up in a society where the typical careers to study towards were a doctor, nurse, lawyer, or policeman. Since being exposed to a different field she tries to educate other learners about them and has since joined an NPO called Help A Matriculant. She believes that communities grow and advance only when everyone in it is moving forward together. She is an individual with excellent interpersonal skills which allow her to work effectively in teams. Her drive and determination also allow her to excel in individual tasks as well. Through her various work encounters she has gained time management skills, analytical and technical skills. Her goal is to fully establish herself in the finance industry in an environment where her knowledge and skills can be fully utilized and enhanced by learning from the experienced professionals within the industry.


  • Bachelor of Business Science (BBusSci) in Finance and Economics


  • Department of Education Administrative Examination Assistant
  • UKZN Finance Society Administrative Assistant
  • UKZN Student Librarian Assistant
  • Help A Matriculant Administrative Assistant