Bayanda Cele


About Me

I am a second year Finance and Statistics student who believes very strongly in equality and social justice, which are principles I intend to display in every facet of my professional career. Business and the economy are some of the most awesome human constructs, and they fascinate me. I am always looking to further my mastery of this vast system as I have big dreams in my professional as well as my personal life. I also believe in everyday learning, both within and outside of the classroom, as that is fundamental to all forms of growth, particularly self-improvement.

I believe that community is the most vital part of the human experience as every person is molded by their community. I am adept at maximizing the resources I have at my disposal to achieve any goal I set myself and I enjoy being of service to people. This is why the words of Mike Tyson speak to me, these words resonate beyond the boxing ring and speak to the way I strive to live my life; armored with a plan, but ready for absolutely anything. I enjoy cooking, as it is the most affordable way to travel around the world. I am passionate about fitness and have explored various forms of artistic expression. I love to laugh, and I enjoy watching movies and series’


  • Bachelor of Business Science (BBusSci) in Finance


  • 2020 IBS Outstanding Achievement Certificate