Senior Lecturer
Telephone: 031 260 7188
Campus: Westville
Building & Room: L Block – 3rd Floor, Room 321.


After finishing his studies towards a diploma in Architecture at the ML Sultan Technikon (now Durban University of Technology), Dr Mahomedy completed a six-year programme in Arabic and Islamic Studies (Aalim Fadhil) at a seminary in Newcastle. During this period he was concurrently registered for a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) and then a Higher Education Diploma (HED), respectively, at the University of South Africa (UNISA). He subsequently taught for a period of five years at private educational institution and in 2003 pursued a full-time Masters degree in Economics (MCom) at the University of Natal. He began lecturing at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) in 2004 and has been doing so until the present. In 2017 Dr Mahomedy was conferred with a PhD in Economics at UKZN after completing a multi-disciplinary study that spanned the vast domains of history, religion, philosophy, science, and economics. His research interests lie at the interstices of economics, religion and philosophy.

Academic Qualifications:

  • 2017: Doctor of Philosophy-Ph.D in Economics (UKZN)
  • 2005: Master of Commerce – Economics (summa cum laude) (UKZN)
  • 1998: Higher Education Diploma (cum laude) (UNISA)
  • 1997: Certificate in Arabic and Islamic Studies
  • 1995: Bachelor of Arts Degree (cum laude) (UNISA)
  • 1991: National Diploma – Architecture (M. L. Sultan Technikon)
  • 1989: Matriculation with exemption
  • 1986: Completion of Memorisation of the Holy Quran

Research Interests

  • Philosophy of Science
  • Islamic Economics
  • Economics

Recent Publications and Papers

  • Mahomedy, A.C. (2013). “Islamic Economics: still in search of an identity” International Journal of Social Economics, Vol. 40, Issue: 6, pp.556 – 578.
  • Mahomedy, A.C. (2013). “Trade Liberalisation and Labour Demand Elasticities: Is there Empirical Evidence from South Africa?”, Studies in Economics and Econometrics, Vol. 37, Issue 2, pp.63 – 92.
  • Mahomedy, A.C. (2010). “Has International Trade Increased Workers’ Woes in South Africa?”, New Agenda: South African Journal of Social and Economic Policy, Issue 39.
  • Mahomedy, A.C. (2008). “Trade Liberalisation and Labour Demand Elasticities: Theory and International Evidence”, South African Journal of Labour Relations, Vol. 32. Issue 1, pp. 7 – 25.
  • Mahomedy, AC 2011. Islamic Economics: Still in Search of an Identity. In The 8th International Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance – Doha, Qatar: 19-21 December.
  • Mahomedy, AC 2012. The Influence of Greek Rationality and Muslim Scholarship on Christendom. In The 9th International Conference On the Tawhidi Methodology Applied to Institution-Market Dynamics for Development – Jakarta, Indonesia: 14-15 December.
  • Mahomedy, AC 2013. Why Islamic Economics Needs Its Own Methodological Foundations-Keynote address. In International Conference on Divine Economics – Muzaffarabad, Kashmir: 12-14 December.
  • Mahomedy, AC 2014. Is the Modernist Scientific Paradigm Suitable for Islamic Economics? In The 1st International Conference on Islamic Epistemology – Morogoro, Tanzania: 9-11 August.
  • Mahomedy, AC 2014. Towards a Holistic Approach to Social Science: The Case of Islamic Economics. In The 3rd Business Management Conference – Durban, South Africa: 17-19 September.
  • Mahomedy, AC 2015. Why Islamic Economics Needs its Own Methodological Framework. In The 10th International Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance – Doha, Qatar: 23-24 March.
  • Mahomedy, AC 2016. Dualism in Modern Scientific Thought: Implications for Islamic Economics. In The 4th Business Management Conference – Durban, South Africa: 24-26 August.