Business Science Students Present Innovative Ideas at Business Challenge


Team The and team Scriptor after their presentations.

First-year Bachelor of Business Science students were given the opportunity to put theory into practice when they participated in the annual Integrated Business Studies (IBS) Business Proposal Presentation.

IBS is a core module for the Bachelor of Business Science programme, a four-year honours programme offered by the School of Accounting, Economics and Finance (SAEF). The module makes use of interesting and exciting teaching methodologies which involve students in active learning.

‘The aim of the course is to develop research and presentation skills within the context of business. Much of the work incorporated in IBS is structured to encourage students to work independently,’ explained lecturer and course co-ordinator, Ms Tamlyn McKenzie.

To prepare for the presentation, students had six weeks to come up with a business concept and develop a proposal presentation. This involved visits by business professionals from big companies such as Business Partners and Unilever. The students consulted these professionals on the eight main business functions namely, top management, finance, information technology, marketing, human resources, research and development, corporate social responsibility and operations management.

Two groups, The and Scriptor presented their concepts but it was The’s business idea that emerged victorious.

The home-cooked meal delivery service app concept aims to provide an efficient service that delivers affordable, nutritional meals to the customers at their door step. Runner ups, Scriptor’s innovation was an app aiming to create a modern and convenient experience for students and tutors to fulfil students’ needs through online tutoring.

Mr Chuma Mashita, who tutored the groups said, ‘It is a rewarding experience to see how the students engaged critical thinking when shaping their ideas and how both proposed businesses were forward-looking and would be functional in this digital era.’

Event sponsor, Mr Jay Soma of Business Partners who announced the winners said they were impressed by the student’s level of dedication and how well articulated the presentations were considering they were delivered by first-year students.

Words and photograph: Lungile Ngubelanga