Bachelor of Business Science in Finance(BBSC-F)


The qualification (Bachelor of Business Science in Finance) is a four-year professional degree (undergraduate), which is designed to address the national shortage of suitably qualified personnel in the sphere of Finance and Financial Management Services. The curriculum is a combination of modules from the disciplines of statistics, mathematics, management, economics and finance. The modules are chosen to complement one another to form a coherent programme with a focus on Finance. Graduates are highly sought after by both private and public domain employers, as the qualification equips such graduates with skills to manage the financial assets of public sector organisations and analyse the financial and monetary aspects and performance of business enterprises, banking institutions and governmental institutions.


4 years

Entry Requirements

  • NSC-Deg with APS 33
  • Mathematics Level 6
  • English and Life Orientation Level 4


Semster 1
  • ACCT101 Accounting 101
  • ECON101 Principles of Microeconomics
  • MATH130 Introduction to Calculus
  • STAT130 Introduction to Statistics
  • ISTN101 Information Systems and Technology 1A
Semster 2
  • ACCT102 Accounting 102 or ACCT103 Accounting 103
  • ECON102 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • MATH140 Calculus and Linear Algebra
  • STAT140 Statistical Methods
  • FINA103 Integrated Business Studies
Semster 1
  • FINA201 Finance 201
  • ECON201 Intermediate Macroeconomics & Applications
  • STAT243 Data Mining using Machine Learning
Any 2 modules from
  • MGNT2SM Responsible & Sustainable Management Principles
  • MARK2IM Introduction to Marketing
  • HRMG2HM Introduction to HR Management
  • ZULN101 (Basic isiZulu Language Studies) or ISTN103 (Development and Application Fundamentals)
Semster 2
  • FINA202 Finance 202
  • ECON202 Intermediate Microeconomics & Applications
  • LAWS1IC Introduction to Commercial Law
  • SCMA2OM Introduction to Operations Management
  • ENTR2IE Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Semster 1
  • FINA311 Capital Market Theory
  • FINA312 Financial Risk Management
  • Plus another 64-credit point major in either Economics, Management, Marketing or Operations Management (depending upon level 2 pre-requisites)
Semster 2
  • FINA321 Corporate Financial Management
  • ECON314 Quantitative Economics
Semster 1
  • FINA700 Finance Research Project
  • FINA7CR Corporate Finance
  • FINA7QM Quantitative Methods in Finance
  • ECON7IE Intermediate Econometrics
Semster 2
  • FINA700 Finance Research Project
  • FINA7IB International Business Finance
  • FINA7PM Portfolio Management
  • FINA7ST Special Topics in Finance

Career Opportunities

  • Finance and Financial Management services
  • Investment and securities analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • Insurance industry
  • Banking sector (Investment, Commercial, Retail and Private Wealth banking)
  • Public Finance
  • Credit Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Academia

Closing date for applications

30 September


Remeber to use the cao code above circled in red when applying