Welcome Accounting Professions Day 2024

A warm South African welcome to the 2024 Accounting Professions Day! As the UKZN School of Accounting, Economics and Finance, we endeavour to fulfil our primary objective and mission, which is to train and develop professionals to service both the public and private sectors in this ever-changing socio-economic environment. In this regard, the Accounting programmes remain the pillar and flagship of the School, with various channels leading to the Accounting profession. We are grateful for the continued support of the day from employers of our graduates. Showcasing the Accounting careers to graduates, students and prospective students plays a critical role in the development of future accountants to serve the nation and the global community. We wish the firms and all organizations that are participating in this event every success in recruiting our alumni and students on the Pietermaritzburg and Westville Campuses. We look forward to a fruitful engagement!


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