Deloitte, one of the world’s leading professional services firms with a globally connected network of member firms in more than 150 countries. Our brand positioning, “Connect for impact”, places our business in the rich territory of connection. We connect clients, talent and society to the future. Connect for impact highlights our distinct tangible and emotional value – how we stand apart in a crowded market. Connection is uniquely Deloitte. It’s in our DNA.

We’ve served clients through three industrial revolutions. We’re more than ready to lead through the fourth. We’re not trusted because we’ve existed for 175years. We’ve existed for 175 years because we’re trustworthy. That’s why clients, people and graduates choose Deloitte. That’s our legacy. That’s our future. But Deloitte offers so much more than just prestigious clients and infinite potential for growth. We celebrate diversity and equality, and have created an entrepreneurial and collaborative culture. What really sets Deloitte apart is that we’re led by a purpose – to make an impact that matters for our staff, clients and community. As the Audit Graduate Recruitment team, our aim is to shape our student’s minds. To offer them the opportunity to learn, grow and visualise their future footsteps. Our approach is to work with them to help them reach their goals. We’re investing in thinkers who choose to be different, to become Invincible.


Vacation Programmes


Runs during the April and October school breaks, this information-packed programme shows you first-hand why being a Chartered Accountant is a great career option. You’ll be introduced to the firm and hopefully discover that auditors and accountants really don’t deserve their ‘all work/no play’ reputation. This programme is designed for Grade 11 and 12 students considering a career as a CA.


This three-day programme (offered in Jun/Jul and Nov/Dec) is a crash course in what being a trainee entails. You’ll also experience what makes Deloitte and its people so special and enjoy a sneak peek at our powerful audit software. This programme is ideal for first and second-year students studying on the CA stream. Second-year students already taking Auditing as a subject should do the Advanced Programme.


The Advanced Programme, run over four days (in Jun/Jul and Nov/Dec), gives candidates a more in-depth view of what a trainee does on a day-to-day basis. Here you’ll learn more about our audit software, touched on in the Intro Programme, and become better prepared for Field Work. This programme is appropriate for second, third and final year students studying on the CA stream. Second year students attending this programme need to have Auditing as a subject.


Field Work gives Deloitte students who have completed the Advanced Programme the invaluable opportunity to be part of a Deloitte audit engagement team. The students will carry out field work with their respective audit teams at the client premises – meeting, working with, and learning first-hand from current trainees, managers and partners. This programme is exclusive to students who already have a Training Contract with Deloitte.