Accounting Cum Laude Graduates Gearing up for a Future in Chartered Accountancy

Future Charted Accountants
Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting cum laude graduates are one step closer to becoming Chartered Accountants (CAs).

Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting cum laude graduates, Mr Yusuf Goga, Mr Ayoob Mohammed Moolla, Mr Keane Ranganthan, Ms Leah Parusnath and Mr Kiash Sewpersad are one step closer to becoming Chartered Accountants (CAs).

While Goga had aspirations of being involved in politics, passing cum laude is affirmation that choosing the CA(SA) path was the right choice.

‘The CA(SA) designation is a gateway to endless opportunities, both locally and abroad, not forgetting the great earning potential. I also saw it as an opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge, and one day enter the political/ government sphere and make a difference to South Africa’s ailing economy, particularly SOCs such as Eskom and Transnet, to name a few.’

Goga added that although the undergraduate experience was quite challenging, graduating cum laude is rewarding.

‘I’d be lying if I said the past three years have been a “piece of cake”. What kept me going was the fervent support of my family, especially my beloved mother. On those dark days, when the walls were closing in on me and I just felt like giving up, she was there to motivate and cheer me up. I definitely would not have achieved this cum laude pass without her support! Special gratitude also goes to my former accounting educator Mr Haroon Bobat from Orient Islamic School for inspiring to pursue the CA qualification.’

Moolla is currently pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting with the aim of becoming a chartered accountant and securing employment in one of the big accounting firms.

‘The chartered accounting route offers unlimited growth opportunities and a chance to work with numbers which further motivated me to pursue an accounting degree. My family owns a business in the motor car spares industry which has been in operation for over 50 years. With my qualification, I hope to one day expand the business operation to be nationwide. My family always motivates me to do my best and that is what gives me the strength to persevere through the challenges that come along with pursuing a degree,’ he said.

Parusnath is also currently pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting, bringing her one step closer to serving articles at Deloitte and obtaining the CA(SA) designation.

‘Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting is not an easy qualification but one that is worthwhile. I am especially grateful to my parents and older brother who have been an incredible support structure throughout my schooling years and tertiary studies. Their constant support and encouragement, especially from my mother, kept me going during my most difficult moments. Also coming from a single-income household, I am grateful for the financial support from my parents for putting both my brother and I through university. I was also fortunate to be awarded a bursary and financial assistance during my undergraduate degree, which has lessened the burden on my parents.’

For Ranganthan, who is also pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting, obtaining this qualification will help him in his aspirations of qualifying as a registered Auditor.

‘It was a challenging and taxing study experience but the benefits outweigh the challenges. I feel that this degree widely opens your mind to the economic environment around you and answers a lot of questions with regards to how businesses in South Africa operate and why they make the decisions they do in order to keep their companies running. Learning the different aspects of how accounting works was mentally stimulating for me and as much as it requires long hours; you aren’t bored with what you are learning and it all has real-life applications.’

Also pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting on the path of qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, Sewpersad says that he had his mind set on this qualification from the time started high school.

‘Accounting ended up being the subject I enjoyed the most in high school and the only subject where I would actually enjoy studying instead of viewing it as a chore. I got diagnosed with a lifelong illness during my first year. It was a tremendous struggle to deal with in the beginning, both emotionally and physically so online learning from the comfort of my own home helped me immensely with the adjustment. However, it did get to the point where I thought about quitting University until I could recover but I’m glad to say that I didn’t go through with that and persevered with my studies. One of my favourite quotes that motivated me in third year is “Your opportunities are only limited by the limits you place on yourself”’. The question you need to ask yourself is whether in the future, you will ever regret not putting in the effort now. If the answer is yes, then you know what you need to do!’

Words: Thandiwe Jumo

Photographs: Abhi Indrarajan

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