About Us

SAAA is an association striving to promote education and research, and the interests of educators and researchers, in the field of Accountancy. SAAA attains its objectives by holding conferences, meetings, discussions and seminars, by publishing papers, by seeking recognition as the representative body of accountancy academics in Southern Africa, and by such other means as it may from time to time deem suitable. AS a consequence, all stakeholders in accountancy are brought together to shape the future of the Accountancy professions in Southern Africa. Vision To promote excellence in Accountancy Higher Education and Research in Southern Africa. Mission To support academics of Southern Africa in Accountancy, to meet the demand for quality accounting education and research, in order to play an active and leading role in the Accountancy Professions in a regional and global context. The support envisaged includes meetings, conferences, subject interest groups and other networking structures. Accountancy Education and Research is inclusive of all Accountancy Sub Disciplines offered at Traditional Universities, Comprehensive Universities and Universities of Technology and include:
  1. Financial Accounting including Corporate Reporting
  2. Management Accounting and Financial Management
  3. Auditing and Internal Auditing
  4. Public sector finance
  5. Information Technology
  6. Accountancy Education
Accountancy Professionals include Auditors, Internal Auditors, Tax Consultants, Financial Managers and Accounting Technicians. CONSTITUTION OF THE SOUTHERN AFRICAN ACCOUNTING ASSOCIATION (SAAA)