Macroeconomics Working Group Members
 Kutu Augustine Adebayo: PhD Student  Ayanda Meyiwa:AADP: Lecturer and PhD Student
Research interest: Monetary economics, macroeconomics, monetary-fiscal policy interdependence, macromodelling for emerging countries, economic growth, macro-financial
linkages and the use of Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) model.
Research Interests: Port economics, port governance and maritime port doctrines; transport economics, development economics and political economics with special emphasis on social and economic policy alignment.
Ntokozo Nzimande: AADP Lecturer and PhD Student Dr Christian K. Tipoy: Lecturer
Research Interests: monetary economics theory and practice, economic growth, international trade theory and practice, monetary-fiscal policy interactions, dynamic stochastic equilibrium modelling, regional integration, energy economics, economic history of thoughts and political economy of state welfare.

Research Interests: Open macroeconomics, time series and panel data econometrics, Bayesian econometrics.

Weldeslassie, Hailai Abera: PhD Student 
Dr Farai Kwenda: Research associate
Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics Wellbeing Economics, Inequality and Poverty Experimental Economics, Environmental Economics, Economic Theory and Policy,Economics of Organisation, Multidimensional poverty measurement and analysis Sen’s Capability Approach and Poverty Reduction and Health Economics Research interest: Corporate Finance (Mergers and Acquisitions, Working capital management, Trade Credit), Banking and Corporate Financial Strategy. He is also interested Microfinance, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Development.He is currently writing a book on the development and evolution of microfinance in Zimbabwe.
Dr Sebuhuzu Gisanabagabo: Researcher  Sinethemba Doctor Sangweni: PhD Student
Research interest: Economics of Banking,Economic growth, the economics of banking, micro finance and financial sector development Research interest: Macroeconomics, monetary economics, monetary & fiscal policy, macromodelling using Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) model.


Professor Harold Ngalawa:  Acting College Dean of Research and founder of the Macro Working Group (MWG) Johnson O. Adelakun: PhD Student & Research Associate
Research interests: Monetary theory and practice, banking instability, informal finance, economic growth, and mechanism design. Research interests: Macroeconomics(Exchange rate Transmission), Public Economics,Economic Development, Technological Change & Growth, and Agricultural Economics.
 Lenhle Dlamini: PhD Student Prince Rotimi E. Mathew: PhD Student

Research Interests: monetary economics theory and practice, economic growth, financial economics, monetary-fiscal policy interactions, dynamic stochastic equilibrium modelling.

presently researching on Oil Price Shocks, Oil demand and Economic Performance in Africa. 

Research Interests:Health Economics, Monetary and Macroeconomic Development.

Olarewaju Odunayo Magret: PhD Student  Akinola Morakinyo: Research 
Topic: Dividend Policy, Agency cost, Risk Tolerance and Bank performance in Sub-Saharan Africa
Focus: This study seeks to put an end to the dilemma of managers in a bit to secure the future prospect of the bank and maximize the shareholders' wealth by recommending the most significant policy out of payout method and Dividend re-investment plans which has been a chaos in Sub-Saharan Africa banks.
Research Interests: Development economics
Banking/financial systems
Country focus are MINTs (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey)

Nezeka Damoyi : Lecturer & PhD Student Malibongwe Nyathi: Lecturer &PhD Student
Research Interest: Labour Economics, Education, Subjective well-being & Macroeconomic Policy. Research Interests: Energy Economics, International Trade Theory, Monetary Economics
Akinola Gbenga Wilfred: PhD student. Rethabile Nhlapho: Lecturer: AADP and PhD Student
Research Interest: Economics of Education, with special interest in growth through human capital development,higher education enrolment, productivity effects of human capital through education Research Interests: monetary-fiscal policy interactions, policy planning and evaluation, financial economics, economic and financial development, income distribution, public finance, regional integration, econometric theory, human capital theory, behavioral finance and economics
Sanele Gumede: Lecturer & PhD Student Simiso Msomi: AADP Lecturer and PhD Student
Research Interests: Maritime Studies, Regulatory Economics, Transportation Economics, Industrial Organisation, Pricing Methodology, Pricing Strategies, International Trade, Infrastructure Pricing and Institutional Governance & Reorganization.

Research interest: Monetary economics a branch of Macroeconomics, he believe macroeconomics variables are characterized by asymmetry and non-linearity because the economic world we live in, is not simply linear as it has been heavily modeled for decades, hence, non-linearity and asymmetry capture complexities that characterize the state of our economy. Every day he wake up looking forward to learning, discovering and contributing in a meaningful manner to economic literature and to provide solutions to economic challenges facing our society.
 Joseph Olorunfemi Akande: PhD Student  Edson Vengesai: PhD student (Finance)
Research interests: Competition and regulations in deposit money banks, banks efficiency, financial and investment analysis, financial reporting and financial stability  Areas of Interest: Financial applications of stochastic calculus, Asset Pricing Risk management and Derivatives securities, Quantitative finance, Corporate finance (Investment Capital structure and Dividend Policy), Financial strategy
 Dr David Mautin Oke: Postdoctoral fellow

Obagbuwa Oloyede: Master Student (Finance)

Research interest: He lectures at the Department of Economics of the University of Lagos. He is a scholar of the African Economic Research Consortium based in Nairobi, Kenya.
 Energy/ Development economics & monetary economics/macroeconomics.
Research Interest: Corporate Finance (Capital structure, Working Capital Management and Financial risk management). Behavioural Finance. Currently working on Determinants of University Students’ Spending Habits.
  Adebiyi Sunday Adeyanju - Master student (Finance)  Aboluwodi Damilola M: Masters student
  Research Interest: Corporate Finance (Financial markets)  Research interest: Banking & Investment management, Behavioural Finance, Corporate strategy, Financial Economics, Financial Planning, Real Estate Risks & frauds.
 Ogunlesi Ayodeji Opeyemi: PhD Student  Dr Paul-Francois Muzindutsi: Lecturer and Research
Research interest: Development Economics, Food Security, Food Price, Volatility and Forecasting with a bias for Sub-Saharan African Countries Research Interests: Investment analysis, financial markets, financial econometrics and time series analysis of macroeconomic variables.
 Zibusiso Moyo – PhD student  Dr Prince Kwasi Sarpong - Part-Time Lecturer & Researcher 
Research Interest: Microfinance, Development Finance, Interest Rate Modelling, Corporate Finance, Financial Derivatives, Investment and Portfolio Management, Money and Banking.  Research interests: Financial markets, mutual fund/unit trust investments, behavioural finance, fractal geometry, chaos theory, and pension/retirement economics.
 Dr Adeleke Omolade: Postdoctoral Research Fellow  
Research Interest: Monetary policy and manufacturing sector growth of oil exporting countries. Investigating how policy shocks and external shocks such as oil price shocks affects the monetary transmission mechanism and the implications on the output growth of the manufacturing sector of the oil exporting countries in Africa.  

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